Mouth guard for clenching

Premium Quality Dental Night Guard

The Night Guard by MYMOFOSmile is one of the best occlusal guards, also called night splint. We have designed it to help you deal with the problem of teeth grinding and clenching. Anyone concerned about their dental care and health can use this dental guard.

Replacement Dental Retainers

It comprises a set of retainers that replaces your broken or lost retainers. They are available in pairs as a combination of lower and/or upper dental retainers.

MYMOFO® Hybrid - Comfort Night Guard

This soft-lined dental splint is perfect for light to moderate teeth grinding.

MYMOFO Night Guard | Light Duty

This mouth guard is designed for night-time teeth clenching and/or grinding. It's incredibly lightweight. We recommend it especially for people who want to wear a dental splint with light bruxism or clenching.

Professional Dental Mouth Guard

Dental Night Guard that protects you from the painful forces of clenching and grinding your teeth.

Which Type of Dental Splint Should I Order?

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Moderate/Heavy

If you experience moderate to heavy teeth clenching or grinding, this is for you. Long-Lasting and recommended by dentists.

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light

If you experience light to moderate teeth clenching or grinding, this night guard is for you. Suitable for light grinders and is very thin.

MYMOFO® Night Guard - Hybrid

If you experience light to moderate teeth clenching, you can order this mouth splint. Not as durable and will require replacement sooner.

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