MYMOFO® Night Guard - (Color)

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Product Description

Prevent Jaw and Mouth Aches Due to Teeth Grinding

This exclusive MYMOFO® Night Guard - (Color) is an advanced mouth splint manufactured from innovative acrylic material. It's extremely thin (~2mm) for maximum comfort, function, and durability.

This unique mouthguard softens when you place it in hot water for a perfect and comfortable fit during insertion. Once it's in place, it remains firm to give maximum protection. It prevents jaw and mouth aches due to teeth clenching or grinding. For extra style, this night guard comes in different colors.


Kindly note if you don’t need canine ramps, they won’t be included in the package.

How Our Night Guard Works?

Our top-of-the-line mouth splint is an ideal solution to teeth grinding or clenching. They are custom-designed with maximum precision to ensure a proper fit for your teeth. Our dental splint helps to even out the pressure that upper teeth exert across the jaw and serves as a physical barrier between your lower and upper teeth, protecting them from damage.

What’s Included in the Offer?

This product comes with a teeth impression kit that you need to take your teeth’s impression along with the shipping to and from our lab and MYMOFO® Night Guard - (Color) itself.

How Can You Order Colorful Professional Grade Guard?

It's simple and easy, just like visiting your local dentist. The only exception is you'll take your own teeth impression. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Your dental guard fits perfectly like a glove.

It comes with a trendy carry case that keeps your MYMOFO® Night Guard safe while travelling.

Unable to Decide Whether You Need Night Guard for Lower or Upper Teeth? We are here to help!

90% of the dental splints that people order from us are for upper teeth because this is more comfortable to wear and helps maintain maximum space for your tongue. However, you may select the night guard for lower teeth if you have undergone dental work (for instance, crowns, implants, etc.), or your dentist recommends using a lower dental guard. It’s also an option if you suffer from class III bite.

Important Note:

Please don't order a dental splint online if you suffer from TMJ disorder or TMJ disorder symptoms. Kindly consult your dentist for it.

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