MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light Grinder

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Product Description

Are you experiencing teeth clenching or grinding? Need a discreet light-duty dental splint to use? 

Simple, MYMOFO® Night Guard - Light is the best choice.

    • Custom made for you!
    • Impression kit included
    • Shipping
    • Our most discreet option 
    • 1.7mm uniform thickness
    • Clear semi - flexible material for optimal comfort
    • Smell and stain resistant
    • Quality carry case

This mouth guard is comfortable and discreet. It's perfect to use for light teeth clenching or/and grinding.

This dental night guard is manufactured using cutting edge 3D printing technology in our state of the art laboratory.. This is not a cheaper plastic moulded splint.

This night splint will soften in hot water, for perfect comfort when inserting and then firming up for maximum protection.

Soften it in hot water for your first fitting. It will then set firm guaranteeing your perfect fit.

It is durable and much more functional than alternative technology. 

However, if you experience excessive night time teeth grinding or clenching, you will need the more durable MYMOFO® Night Guard - Heavy Grinder.

Our Process

It's simple and easy, just like visiting your local dentist. The only exception is you'll take your own teeth impression. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

See how it works here

Your dental splint will fit perfectly like a glove.

This product includes the impression kit required to capture your teeth, all shipping to and from our lab, a carry case and mirror, and the MYMOFO® Night Guard itself.

It's easy, and the instructions are clear to follow. Your occlusal splint will fit like a glove.

If you want to know more about our product or have concerns, we’re always available to answer your questions.

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