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Product Description

My MOFO® Retainers are designed for keeping your teeth where your previous aligners or braces moved them. This orthodontic process holds significant importance because your teeth need some time to settle in their new position. The use of retainers prevents teeth from moving back to their old place.

Don’t allow your challenging and expensive orthodontic work to go in vain. Replace the retainers with our Orthodontic retainers if you have lost your old ones!

Once you send us your teeth impressions, we make your replacement dental retainers according to your requirements at any time without the need to retake impressions.

What’s the Process?

It's simple and easy, just like visiting your local dentist. The only exception is you'll take your own teeth impression. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

You can view the process in this video here:

If you lost your retainers, you need another one. You can either visit an orthodontist or order us to make a pair for you.

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