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MYMOFO® Night Guard – Heavy Grinder

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MYMOFO® Night Guard – Heavy Grinder protects your teeth and helps deal with aches and pain from teeth grinding and clenching. Modelled to your unique bite, it is our complete solution to ensure your teeth are safe from the destructive forces of bruxism. (Check our full collection of mouth guards for teeth grinding here.)

  • Australia’s fastest Online dental splint
  • Custom made for you!
  • Moulded precisely to match your anatomy and bite
  • Semi-flexible, Clear material for optimal comfort
  • Smell and stain resistant
  • Slick carry case with a mirror
  • TGA-compliant Class 1 Medical Device

Want a really thin and discreet guard for light grinding and clenching?

If you are looking for a dental laboratory-grade splint, not a cheaper plastic moulded splint, look no further! We manufacture using cutting-edge 3D printing technology in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

This splint will soften in hot water for perfect comfort when inserting and then firming up for maximum protection. In addition, it is durable and easily replaceable in the future without retaking impressions. Please contact us for a replacement directly without repeating impressions if you are an existing customer.

The materials technology in this guard is top tier and not widely available in the Australian market. It is more durable and has better thermodynamic properties than any other product. The MYMOFO® Night Guard – Heavy Grinder is the absolute best solution for long-term durability and adjusts itself in the oral cavity.

Our Night Guard Heavy Grinder options will have a variable thickness based on your bite. They feature a minimum thickness of ~1.6mm at your rear teeth and then maintain an even surface with your opposing teeth. A variable thickness helps the guard to spread the load of your grinding forces and ensures a comfortable, secure bite that will avoid a sore jaw.

This product includes the impression kit required to capture your teeth and all shipping to and from our lab. We deliver your MYMOFO® Night Guard Heavy Grinder with a nifty carry case to keep your Night Guard in for travel. 

If you need help deciding whether to get an upper or lower? Get in touch with us, and we can help out. 90% of dental night guards ordered are for the upper teeth to maintain maximum tongue space and tend to be more comfortable. 

You may choose a lower guard if you prefer the fit or if you’ve had some dental work performed (e.g. implants, crowns) and your dentist recommended that you use a lower guard. Or if you have a class III bite.

What’s the process? Pretty simple. It is the same as when going to your local dentist. It’s easy, and instructions are clear to follow. Your night guard will fit like a glove.

The ultimate solution to grinding your teeth, our top-of-the-line Occlusal Splints (also known as bite splints or night guards) are custom-made with the highest precision to fit your teeth exactly. The MYMOFO® Night Guard evens the pressure across your jaw and creates a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage.

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